Modélisation 3D

Types de filament :

Sites pour télécharger des fichiers d’impression 3D :

Exemple : et In the process of making more assets for my Model railroad I designed three walls and double track tunnel. these are modeled for N scale but you can scale them up by 190% in your slicing program and can use for HO/OO scale as well.

Pour passer du HO au N : 54%


Conversion fichier image en 3D :

Ajout d’add on (charger le fichier ZIP) :

Creuser une boule :

Vase :

Dyntopo : lissage et sculpture :

Impression de filament souple :

30mm/s est toujours conseillé pour le flexible mais également les filaments « tropicaux » type bois, nylons, etc…

I’ve been playing around with TPU for the last week on my A8. It’s a little stringier, but works essentially like a softer version of PLA. If you are working in Cura, you can start with generic PLA settings and do some minor tweaks. Here are my highlights:

1) Nozzle temp: 235C.
2) All speeds set to 25 mm/s except retraction speed, which was set to 75 mm/s.
3) Retraction distance: 10 mm.
4) Combing ON.

Utilisation de Tinkercad avant CUra

youtube 01-Apprendre Blender 2.8

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