Flutter : Pakages et utilitaires

A) Simulation code avec DartPad :


Pour sauvegarder, se connecter à votre compte GitHub Gist https://gist.github.com/ entrez une desciption et un nom (main.dart) et coller le code du DartPad. Après avoir créé le Gist, Arecopier son id et le coller après l’url  https://dartpad.dev/  par exemple https://dartpad.dev/2d2971eef80cc86db9622308e7d25016

B) Gestion des préférences :


To store simpe variable such as bool, int, string in your application. You can use shared preferences instead of database. shared_preferences | Flutter Package

C) Gestion des textfields :

Les types de saisies sont :

The types are:

  1. TextInputType.text (Normal complete keyboard)
  2. TextInputType.number (A numerical keyboard)
  3. TextInputType.emailAddress (Normal keyboard with an “@”)
  4. TextInputType.datetime (Numerical keyboard with a “/” and “:”)
  5. TextInputType.numberWithOptions (Numerical keyboard with options to enabled signed and decimal mode)
  6. TextInputType.multiline (Optimises for multi-line information)

https://medium.com/flutter-community/a-deep-dive-into-flutter-textfields-f0e676aaab7a et https://appvesto.medium.com/flutter-formatting-textfield-with-textinputformatter-c73ee2167514

D) Widget de loading :


3. url_launcher

If you want to launch email/web for external url or email, you can go with url launcher.

4. path_provider

If you ever need application file path or location of the device file path. You can use path provider for that.

5. flutter_local_notifications

Need to push notification in your application, you can use flutter local notification.

6. sqflite / drift / hive

Here is the best one, When we need to store large chunk of data in your device. You can go with the sqflite for ios/ android/ mac but if you want to support all platform go with drift or hive.

7. geolocator / location

To get the use location, you can consider using geolocator or location package.

8. flutter_native_splash

To avoid white screen while your application is launching, you can use flutter native splash package to display image or application logo.

9. connectivity_plus

In some case, ,you might one to check internet connection, to do so you can simply use connectivity plus package to track internet connection.

10. share_plus

We always wanted to share usedful app to our close one, for that you can simply use share plus package.

11. package_info_plus

To get the current application build name and verison. You can use package info plus to get the version.

12. just_audio

We all have dream to make next spotify in your native song. For that you can considering using just_audio package.

13. intl

Intl package is by far most helpful and monopoly package for formating date and internationalization and much more.

14. google_fonts

You might need different font for your application, instead of downling and using custom font, try using google font first out of the box.

15. font_awesome_flutter

While you can use google material icon in your application, you could also consider using font awesome icon for some icon that is not available in google material icon

16. firebase_core / firebase_auth / firebase_messaging /cloud_firestore / firebase_storage / firebase_crashlytics / cloud_functions

Firebase is one of the most easy and popular backend tool that does not require lot of work.

Références :


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