Installer des applications (apk)

  1. Go to the Ouya web browser by navigating through « Make > Software > Builds. » You should see its icon there.
  2. Once the browser is open, navigate to this link :
  3. ou ou
  4. and download the Dropbox app. (If you can’t get there now, just search « dropbox app apk » in Google and click the official Dropbox link that appears.)
  5. Now, a popup should come up asking if you would like to download. Select yes.
  6. Once the download is finished, double tap the Ouya button in the center of your remote to get back to the home screen.
  7. Go to « Manage > System > Advanced » and you should come to your standard Android settings interface.
  8. Click « Storage > Downloads » and your fresh Dropbox apk should be inside. Select it, confirm the install, and let it go.

Congratulations you just sideloaded your first application! Next, we’ll see how I just made the process a whole lot easier for you in the future.

Sideloading Other Apps

Now that Dropbox is installed on your Ouya, you can access it by going to « Make > Software > Builds » just like you would get to the browser. After clicking the new Dropbox icon you’ll be brought to a login screen. The proportions may look a little off, but you should still be able to click in the boxes to enter your account info. Do that, and you’ll get to a screen much like what you see on your computer.

Here’s how to sideload other apps:

  1. Find the apk file you want to try. (They’re all over the net, but I can’t lead you to them.)
  2. Upload it to your Dropbox account from your computer by clicking the page with the upwards arrow icon I mentioned earlier.
  3. Once that’s done, go to Dropbox on your Ouya and you should see the apk in your list. Sometimes it may not appear right away so just navigate to a few of the side menus and it should pop up when you go back.
  4. Click the apk file and it will download and open for you automatically. The installation will start and you’ll be able to find it right in your Build menu.

There are other ways to do this without the Dropbox app, but I find this method to be the most user- friendly. Now that you have the process down, I’ll close by giving you a few of my favorite sideloading apps!

  • Astro File Manager: This free Android app will allow you to browse files on your flash drive or your Ouya console. This can be helpful if you don’t want to head to your computer all the time to move files around. « My Files 1 » is designated for everything on your console, while « My Files 2 is for everything on your external USB device.
  • ePSXe: The popular PSOne emulator also runs on Ouya. System BIOS are required to make it work. However, with a little elbow grease you can configure it to function with the Ouya remote or any controller you throw at it.
  • Chrome: The Google browser also works on Ouya as well. It may or may not be better than the pre-installed option in certain scenarios. You can also get the Adblock apk to work if ads aren’t your style.
  • PPSSPP: The PSP emulator that we have reported about. In this case, I’ll direct you to our own apk file.
  • Shadowgun: The popular shooter game for Android can be played on your TV with Ouya. It needs the touchpad at first, but can be configured for any number of controllers.

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