Flutter : Splash, graphisme et polices

A) Création d’un splash screen :

Splash Screen, permet au démarrage de présenter rapidement un logo ou une image  : https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_native_splash

Pour une image animée, utilisez LOTTIE :

Référence :


B) Polices de caractères :

The google fonts plugin allows you to easily use any of the 977 fonts from fonts.google.com in your Flutter app. If you want to spice up your typography, you may give it a try.

Developers who build applications have to deal with fonts. Fonts make the look and feel of the app. Choosing the right font can make your app more attractive and aesthetic

So Today I am gonna share some the best fonts for Flutter Apps.

Open Sans

It is best for website and app prolonged usage and legibility. it’s used by top Indian fintech app PayTm and it’s by google fonts


It’s best for minimal and modern website and apps. it’s used by knowing design nd it’s also by google fonts


It works well as the default app font including chat app, Ecommerce and more. it’s used by google material design.

Playfair Display

It’s good for stylised, elegant and sophisticated websites and mobile apps. Vogue and BMW website have used this font.

Proxima Nova

It’s great for modern and Content Centric website and mobile apps. Buzzfeed and Mashable have used this font.

Sprite Sheet Animations in Flutter : https://medium.com/flutter-community/sprite-sheet-animations-in-flutter-1b693630bfb3


C) Divers :

Pour garder l’écran allumé (supprimer la veille) : https://pub.dev/packages/wakelock

E) Look de l’application :

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